What to expect with your website launch by ID

After a great deal of time and effort, your new website is ready to launch! This is some information for your team about what to expect with the upcoming launch process and steps to take that will ensure a smooth launch experience. 



Your pre-launch review session will be scheduled a week before the website launches.

The CMS instructions, Launch Basics, Review of the Deliverables list from the agreement, and all Final Testing will be complete at this time.

We require your approval in writing of all deliverables before confirming the launch date. Please be prepared with any questions for launch at this review meeting.



When we have your approval for launch, we will initiate changes to your DNS (Domain Name System) through your Domain Name Registrar. It is this change that allows your domain to point to the new website host. When you change a domain name or web server, all the DNS servers on the Internet need some time to update this information. This is called “propagation delay,” and it can take between 2 – 24 hours.

About Email: Note that you may temporarily experience a delay in receiving domain name associated email in all locations (cloud, local, and mobile) during propagation depending on the way your email is managed.



Once you can view the live site, you are ready to initiate the final sync with your Point of Sale system or ERP system based on ID’s instructions.

See detailed instructions for syncing your Magento website with LightSpeed Pro here.



Even though the ID team has completed the site testing, we recommend that you test and experience the complete eCommerce or application cycle first hand. This includes the following tasks: complete a purchase, verify that your order emails are received, charges are processed by your payment gateway, and orders are imported into your fulfillment system.



Your post-launch review call will be scheduled within 1 week after launch.

A review of the site status, punch-list, and browser troubleshooting items (if applicable) will take place at this time. Your project will be closed and any access to your site properties will be transferred to your business. This is a great time to file and organize all of the site assets that have been utilized for ongoing updates on your project. Take the time to save all account credentials, templates, and User Guides for your team’s ongoing use. Please be prepared with any final questions for ID at this review meeting.


How to report browser related style issues and other website issues:  Even after extensive testing, it is common to experience non-critical browser issues when your site launches. If you experience any browser-related issues or bugs, please notify the team by posting issues to the BROWSER TROUBLESHOOTING/POST LAUNCH ISSUES list. Please provide screenshots and the details of your client environment.

If you don’t know how to provide the client environment details to development, you may access this resource and provide a screenshot.


For WordPress websites:  For updates, refer to the ID CMS Guide for updating any custom features built just for you and utilize the WordPress Codex for all default functionality.


For Magento CE and EE websites:  Moving forward, refer to the ID CMS Guide for updating any custom features built just for you and utilize the following resources for all default functionality:

Magento User Guides –  The Ultimate Magento Handbook and required reading for all team members that manage your Magento store.

Magento U Training – Get professional training and certification directly from Magento. The course, “Managing Your Magento Store”, is a client favorite.

Community Discussion  Forums – A forum for other Magento enthusiasts, from store managers to developers.

Magento Knowledge Base – Magento tutorials and extensive documentation.


For websites integrated with ShipStation for order fulfillment:

ShipStation Knowledgebase – Access all of ShipStations Support Posts and search by question

ShipStation Videos – Get started and learn the ShipStation process from the storefront through packaging


Access to your old website: You will still be able to access your old website until you cancel your current hosting plan. In general, we recommend maintaining your existing hosting plan for 6 months after a new site launch. You never know what you may need!

Transferring Web Hosting Ownership:  Your web hosting details will be posted to your project after launch and ID will notify the hosting provider that the ownership is to be transferred to your business.

Depending on your web hosting plan, your website or application is on a minimum of a nightly back-up schedule for all site files and database/s. This back-up occurs around 2am for 7 consecutive days, with 1 back-up weekly for the month.

About Bandwidth Warnings:  If you receive a bandwidth notification, do not be alarmed. This notification is a courtesy to let you know you are approaching the maximum allowed bandwidth for your shared hosting. If you consistently receive this message and accrue bandwidth charges, we recommend upgrading your hosting plan. Contact your hosting provider for more information.



Yes, Support is a requirement. Every business-level website and application requires ongoing maintenance and support by a professional team. In your agreement, ongoing updates and support was presented as an option and it is recommended by ID to assure you have the best possible experience.

If you wish to be on an ongoing updates & support package with ID, please notify us! If not, please find an agency or internal team member to provide support – you will need it!



POS and Technical Support: We highly recommend the team at AMP Retail Services for any LightSpeed Pro, LightSpeed Cloud, Shopify POS, ISIS and other POS support and set-up. In our experience, they are LightSpeed experts and provide very high quality service.

Magento Tech Support: If you are not on an ID updates package, for 24/7 support and one-off support requests, we have clients who utilize the services of a Magento support company called Magento Swat.


Thank you for working with ID on your project! We look forward to launching your new site soon! 

Please note: Because every project is unique, your project’s specific process may vary based on scope and scale. Review your project agreement for details.

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